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Follow The Dragon 1.0

Follow the Dragon is a fun game for kids from 2 up to 8 years old
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Follow the Dragon is a fun game for kids from 2 up to 8 years old. It was developed by OTS Software and can be downloaded and used at no cost.
Deo the Dragon lives in the Land of Fun, a beautiful place with high mountains, near the Drago River. This charming dragon loves to play games, and he has two favorite ones, Follow and Tag.
In the scenery there are four squares that the dragon uses to play its games. Follow the Dragon basically consists in catching the playful creature, which jumps randomly from square to square. The idea is that kids can recall the order of the squares the dragon jumps at and repeat it.
As the game advances, it becomes a true challenge since the dragon moves more quickly and recalling the order of the squares will require lots of concentration.
Follow the Dragon, apart from being very entertaining, provides a good exercise for the mind, and is a fun way to stimulate concentration and memory in young kids.
The only problem with this game is that there is only one screen, which may turn out repetitive. The graphics are very basic, with plain colors and no animations whatsoever. The advantage, is that it is absolutely free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Good exercise for the mind
  • Non-violent
  • Freeware


  • Graphics are too basic
  • Only one screen
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